About Us

Our mission is simple; We focus on providing the absolute best service for a reasonable price.

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Phil Yecny, Co-Founder, CEO


Phillip co-founded Sun Pointe Services, a commercial and residential swimming pool maintenance and repair company, with his brother Eric in 2015, and together they have been following in their father’s footsteps and building their legacy of quality service, accountability and a strong work ethic. 


As Co-Founder and CEO, Phillip oversees the processes and procedures for the service route, implements the direction of the company in tandem with his brother, Jason, as well as sets the tone for the culture of the company.

With experience in landscaping, carpentry, construction and mill work, Phillip’s mastery of the craft stretches beyond the commercial swimming pool business.


In addition to his industry expertise, Phillip is known for his dedication to change management within the industry by utilizing the latest technology to improve efficiency, and by promoting a high-quality work environment for his employees.

Eric Yecny, Co-Founder, President


While Eric's work background is similar to his brother Phillip, his high aptitude for technical skills, as well as his attention to detail are second to none and distinguishes him not only from his twin brother, but everyone else in the industry. Eric's drive for the highest quality service product has pushed Sun Pointe Services above all other companies in the industry with regards to quality and care of service.

As President Eric is tasked with the creative direction of revitalizing the industry as a respectable trade, and is the holder of the company contractors license.​