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Recent Work

New Builds

Our practice spans from remodeling existing bodies of water to the complete planning and design of new residential and commercial swimming pools. While our work is aesthetically pleasing, our projects are linked by a focus on enhancing human excitement and efficiency.


Dublin, CA

This pool and spa were completely developed by our team to meet the Homeowner’s Association’s visual desires. The design encompassed the hues of the landscape and established a serene community swimming area.

Tracy, CA

This project for Home 2 Suites by Hilton included building two fountains, a pool and spa. The commercial build not only pleases the eye, but it met all of the city, county, and corporation requirements.


San Carlos, CA

This pool and spa was built by our team for a Marriott branch. This photo exemplifies not only our expertise in pool craft, but how every aspect is carefully thought about. We build pools with passion, as well as ensuring that all current pool codes are met with handicap lifts, life ropes, and appropriate signage.

Pleasanton, CA

This image demonstrates the precision in our plumbing installation. This Marriott pool was built by our team from the ground up. Our efficient efforts ensured that this commercial pool was built to code. 

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