Frequently Asked Questions


Where’s the water level supposed to be and do you fill it during service?

Your water level should normally be half way up the tile lines otherwise specified. We do not fill pools during service visits due to the high likelihood of flooding the property. We will alert you via email if the water level is low but if this cannot be maintained, you can call us to have an autofill system installed.

How much water should my pool lose every week normally?

A normal amount of water loss would be around a quarter inch per day or an inch to an inch and half per week during summer

Where does the dirty water go during the pool/spa drain?

Pools and Spas are drained to a sanitary sewer system to prevent chemicals from entering into the storm drains, which can lead into natural water areas. 

What time does my technician come during my service day?

We do not have a definite time as to when your service technician will come during your service day. They may have repairs and other emergencies to attend that prioritizes over service. 

What are those black spots at the bottom of my pool and on the walls?

Those spots are called Black Algae. Our service technicians scrub the walls with a wire brush and we add a special chemical to treat it.

Why is my pool green and looking like a swamp?

Your pool needs more chlorine.  We offer green to clean services which involves adding special chemicals to the pool as well as filter cleaning. However, other conditions may exist if any of your equipment is not working properly.

Why is my pool a little cloudy?

Your pool might be high or low in chlorine, or you have a dirty filter. We offer filter cleaning and add a clarifying agent to the pool as resolution.

My pool burns my eyes! What do I do?

There could be several factors which cause this issue but we recommend having your water tested immediately. You can call us using our information page if you want your water chemistry tested.



What is a bicarb?

Sodium Bicarbonate is a product we use to raise the pH and alkalinity of your pool.

How many gallons of chlorine should my service technician add in the pool?

This depends on your water condition but normally, you should have no more 1-2 gallons per week.

What are the safe chemical levels of my pool?

The ideal pH level is 7.4; Chlorine is between 3.0-5.0 (with 10 being the highest); and Alkalinity is 80-100ppm.

Are there any alternatives to chlorine that are easier on my skin?

Yes, there are a variety of solutions on the market that might be easier on your skin. You can call us using our information page if you want more information regarding this.


How often should my filters be cleaned?

Generally, we clean our customers’ filters 2-3 times per year, but it may still vary depending on their usage.

Why does my equipment make a very loud sound? It’s annoying my neighbors/tenants/me!

This is due to one of your pump motors deteriorating. It may need to be replaced as soon as possible.

How often should I keep my pump running?

We recommend 1 hour per 10 degrees of ambient air temperature.

How often should I clean my skimmer and pump basket?

We recommend 1-2 times per week.



How do I pay my bill?

There are several ways to pay your invoice with us. Upon receiving your invoice, you may simply mail in a check to our PO box listed on the invoice and reference the invoice number. Another option is to set us up as a bill pay recipient through your online banking portal. With this option, please remember to check the amount due on your invoice before submitting payment as it can vary from month to month. If you are set up to receive your bill via email, you may also pay via debit/credit card directly through the emailed bill. The final option is to set up auto pay by providing a debit/credit card for us to keep on file. With this option, your payment will be processed every month on the date it is due.

When is my invoice/estimate due?

Invoices for monthly service are due on the 10th of the following month. We typically send invoices out around the 20th for monthly service which allows about 20 days before the invoice is due. A one time late fee of 5% of the unpaid amount will apply to invoices that are 30 days overdue. All other invoices (repairs, installations, construction, remodels, etc.) are due upon receipt with a 5% late fee of the unpaid amount applying after 30 days overdue.

What are these additional charges on my invoice?

The chemicals used at your pool can vary from month-to-month. The most common additional charge is Sodium Bicarbonate (refer to question 1 under Chemicals for more information). You may also see charges for chemicals such as clarifiers, phosphate removers, algaecides, etc. that are only used as needed. There will also be a charge two-three times per year for filter cleanings (typically one around the start of swim season and one following swim season) to ensure your filter is operating properly. If you ever have questions about an item on your invoice, please contact us directly via email or phone and we will be happy to provide more information.