Frequently Asked Questions


Where’s the water level supposed to be and do you fill it during service?

How much water should my pool lose every week normally?

Where does the dirty water go during the pool/spa drain?

What time does my technician come during my service day?

What are those black spots at the bottom of my pool and on the walls?

Why is my pool green and looking like a swamp?

Why is my pool a little cloudy?

My pool burns my eyes! What do I do?



What is a bicarb?

How many gallons of chlorine should my service technician add in the pool?

What are the safe chemical levels of my pool?

Are there any alternatives to chlorine that are easier on my skin?


How often should my filters be cleaned?

Why does my equipment make a very loud sound? It’s annoying my neighbors/tenants/me!

How often should I keep my pump running?

How often should I clean my skimmer and pump basket?



How do I pay my bill?

When is my invoice/estimate due?

What are these additional charges on my invoice?


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